Potato can save your life

“Dr Mc Dougall’s Program [a starch-based vegan diet] is a clinically proven means of weight management that can reverse or prevent many common illnesses, all by simply altering your diet.”


One famous Russian proverb says, “The rescue of a drowning person is in his own hands”. Interesting fact that in Russia this proverb is often used in connection with our medicine and doctors in particular. I personally don’t know many people who still believe that doctors exist to help/cure us. After having had so much interaction with doctors in Russia and in Germany, I see them as professionals who merely prescribe medicine based on people’s complaints. Nowadays, the Internet can do the same. Maybe some of you have been more fortunate than me, but none of my doctors have tried to find the roots of my health problems. All they’ve done for years is temporarily suppress the symptoms in order to give me some sense of relief. Don’t take me wrong though, I’m not bashing all medical professionals and saying that they are incompetent and uneducated. I know, this is how they were taught in medical schools and this is the only way they know.

For me as well, until 2 years ago this was the only way I knew. In winter 2014 I came across a statement made by Jeff Nelson (at vegsource.com), who claimed that his wife had cured herself from a rare autoimmune disease, relapsing polychondritis, on a starch-based diet. You can read about the disease here, it’s really serious and pretty nasty. Mrs Nelson was on heavy medication when she started her new diet and 3 months later she was told she didn’t need her pills anymore. Shocking, isn’t it?! I was so impressed by her story, that I began to research more about the health benefits of a starch-based diet. If people can cure such serious diseases by eating potatoes, then there was definitely some hope for me.

At that time, I had been taking high blood pressure medication contstantly for 3 years. Besides that, for treating my migraines I had to take a 3 months course of prescribed pills used for epilepsy and the treatment of depression. And, after that to prevent relapses I had to take the same pills twice a year for a month. On top of it from time to time I was also prescribed some bladder, kidney and allergy pills, as well as some pills to help my aching back and to thin my blood. There were times when I had to take up to 20 pills per day! And I wasn’t even 30 years old. Enough to sink any young lady into deep despair. No wonder Mrs Nelson’s story immediately put me on a mission to learn more about this potato diet.

It turned out the name behind Mrs Nelson’s success story was Dr John McDougall, a certified American physician. Dr McDougall created a nutrition plan that not only prevented but also reversed degenerative diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, without any prescribed medicine, not even dietary supplements! In a nutshell, his nutrition program is a plant-based diet that excludes all kind of animal products as well as vegetables, fruits and seeds with high fat content, as well as oils.

Dr McDougall’s story

The reason Dr McDougall became a doctor was because of a massive stroke he suffered at the age of 18, that left him completely paralyzed on the left side of his body for weeks. Even the finest doctors of America couldn’t give him answers about the causes of his stroke and perspective for the future.

“Looking back at my diet, I can give credit to eggs, double cheese pizzas, and hot dogs for my brain damage, and my good fortune.” Dr John McDougall

Due to the fact that doctors couldn’t do anything for him, he became driven to find the answers for himself and went to a medical school to become a physician. Nevertheless, at the beginning of his career he, like any other average doctor, cured his patients by prescribing medication. However, he couldn’t settle with temporary health improvement of his patients, his ultimate goal after all was to cure diseases and to prevent premature deaths. He was constantly questioning whether medical intervention was the right way to cure diseases. Three years of work in Hawaii revealed some astonishing facts to him. Being one of 4 doctors within 42 miles in a village of 5,000 people, he became responsible for all areas of health for 3 generations of immigrants from China, Japan and Korea.

“I did everything medical for them from delivering their babies to signing their death certificates.”

He couldn’t help but notice how patients from the same family and with the same genetic predisposition had absolutely different level of health and life expectancy. The only difference between those generations was their dietary habits. Older generation preserved the diet they used to have in their home countries, a diet based on mainly rice and vegetables with very limited animal products. Whereas the younger generation completely adopted the western lifestyle together with an enormous variety of processed food and animal products. That last generation were most commonly obese and therefore at risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc.

“My observations contradicted two basic beliefs I had held since childhood. The first was that as we age, we naturally become fatter and sicker. The second was that a well-balanced diet was best. Before my own eyes I saw fully functioning elders thriving on grains and fruits and vegetables. With the inclusion of the two other basic food groups — meat and dairy — the progeny failed.”

His observations, along with the research results he had found in the scientific journals of the Medical Library of Hawaii, made him believe that a plant-based can cure common diseases.

This whole story seemed to be too good to be true, however it gave me an enormous hope that this miracle could happen for me too and it has. It took me about 2 years to completely convert to a 100% plant-based diet. Very shortly after, I stopped taking my high blood pressure medication and my blood pressure stayed stable at 110/80 ever since. After a month my migraines turned into minor short-term headaches and after a while they disappeared completely too. Two months might be too soon to call my example a complete success, but after 15+ years of bad medical history, it is a huge achievement for me. Even a little bit over 2 months without any medication is a success for me. The quality of my life has drastically improved. And all of that can’t just be coincidental. I believe it’s because I’ve stopped consuming animal products. And I couldn’t be happier. #govegan

I wish you all a pain-free life!

P.S. For more inspirational stories of people who are on a starch-based vegan diet go to Dr McDougall’s website.