How To Become A Human Lie-Detector In Under 60 Minutes by Dr David Craig Book Review

A book on becoming a better lie detector.

About the author:

Dr David Craig has over 20 years of criminological experience and achieved his doctorate in law by completing international research of undercover programs.

The book (summarised):

This book is split into 3 main parts. The first part gives us a broad overview behind the entire book and about lying. It outlines the motivations of lying and differentiates the two kinds of lies which are other-focused lies and self-focused lies.

The second part of the book is the practical side of the book where we have a more in depth study of how we can detect lies, the possible signs and a method which Dr David Craig acronym it as“MAGIC”. The second part of this book is probably the most crucial and important one as this is where we truly learn how to detect lies. It teaches us how to take notice of micro-expressions and different parts of the face like the eyes, nose, mouth etc.

The third part of the book is what he called the easy reference section which is basically a quick summary of the entire book laid out in an easy to refer fashion.

Review of the book:

Extremely reader-friendly and super easy to read. This is great for people who are seeking to become a better lie detector. Nothing very complex here but you’ll benefit greatly if you have never studied the arts of spotting lies. Very good foundational book for a broad study on why and how people lie. Oh yes… if your ego is telling you that you are a good lie detector already, Dr David Craig states that most people overestimate their ability to detect lies. And… the average human has a lie detection rate of only 50%!

Thanks so much for reading. hope this review helped!

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