▲●■Foundation Debut

I have an announcement.
I’ve debuted the Foundation NFT marketplace.

Before I talk about that, first of all, I would like to thank those of you who usually watch my activities, it has been a few months since we started NFT activities and the many NFTs has been sold.

As I was wondering how to return the value to you, I was thinking that my style of art does not necessarily match the mainstream of PFP(profile picture) and generative art in the Twitter & Opensea market. (Of course, I could have tried to adapt to the market, but that would have meant that I would not be able to maintain the worldview I wanted to portray and deliver the art I really wanted to offer to everyone.)

※Please read this article for more information on my NFT (Opensea) activities.

And then, I received an invitation to join the Foundation from an acquaintance and was recommended to take on the challenge by an OpenSensea consulting client.

Here is my Foundation page.


I don’t have many followers or works yet, but I hope you’ll take a look! We look forward to following you♪

Here is the first artworks!!

It will be a stylish design with a Dalmatian and Bengal cat frolicing.We will list from 08:30 (EST) on Saturday, April 16, 2022, and the auction format will be from 0.1 ETH. Everyone who bids will also get a free Bengal cat icon NFT as a gift!

This single picture is based on the image of the two animals that have already been listed on Opensea. Please visit the Opensea site as well.(https://opensea.io/collection/kokutoanimalgallery

More information about this is on my Twitter.


That’s it.I am very excited to be in my first Foundation, but I would be happy if you could support me.Please continue to support me, the blue Boston terrier.



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Kokuto/Japanese NFT illustrator

Kokuto/Japanese NFT illustrator

I produce the NFT Collection of illustrations with various unique animals drawn by Japanese illustrator “Kokuto”.You can find & keep your favorite species.