COM 320 Blog #1

What Is an Organization?

A organization is a structure Delintes how task allocation, coordonarion and supervision are focused towards the pletion of organization aim (Pugh, 1990)

There are

  • Corporations
  • Government
  • Charities/ Non-Profits

In order to run a organization you must be able to interact with individuals and groups with in the world. This process of socialization, decision making, conflict management technology is key to cope with the organization complexity.

As Discussed in class, Globalization has increased over that pass decade and will still change in the future. On personal and organizational levels.

Globalization and Communication become a big key in our world today. within videos and calls and people around world come into one it becomes easier for individuals to offer thereself in digital form. For example from video we watched in class by Thomas Friedman’s, He says that “ the world is flat.”Meaning the world is becoming widely spread and becoming smaller.