A short note on grit.

Grit is the most important founder quality for success.

The greatest truth I have learnt over the past years of building and funding startups at VP and Pre-VP is; “it all boils down to the quality of the founder.”

Building startups is hard. No lie.

After you have established your “why”, gained a clear and compelling product vision, validated your business model, established product-market fit and even began to gain some solid traction. The needle only moves as far as the founder is willing to move.

This is because for startups the goal-post will always keep moving. It’s a game of constant tweaking and observing metrics for the next slight change or pivot. The best founders have their eyes on the ball with a maniac-like focus and gritty determination to win!

Therefore it begs no asking that the quality of the founder is the greatest determinant of success in this high stakes and brutal exercise of building a fast growth technology enabled company.

The stats are truly grim. 9 out of 10 startups will fail. Even great startup ideas fail. And so, when you have checked all the other boxes, it’s left to you as founder to stay gritty!

To learn more about “grit” start by watching this video.