The Yoruba were a once proud people with a great history, sound spiritual and moral philosophies, rich language and cultural heritage. They were one of the most urbanized ethnic groups in Africa, living in well structured urban centers organized around powerful city-states.

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Of all the subsequent city-states that would be formed across Yoruba land, Ile Ife was the nucleus, it was there life as we know it began for the Yoruba. A brief summary of the Yoruba creation story goes as follows; In the beginning, there was only the sky above, water and marshlands below. Olorun\Olodumare ruled the sky and Olokun ruled the sea, Obatala pondered to himself and decided that the world needed land and life so he asked Olorun\Olodumare for permission to create land his request was granted, he then sought the council of Orunmila the oldest child of Olorun\Olodumare and the orisa of prophecy who then told Obatala that he would need a chain long enough to reach below, a snail shell filled with sand, a hen and a palm nut. After he acquired the items he hung the chain from the corner of the sky and began to climb down, until he reached the bottom he then took the snail shell full of sand and threw it down, he threw down the hen immediately after. …


Kọ́láwọ̀lé Ọ́láríbígbé

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