JD Sports up 37% since entry last year

When I posted this stock back on March 24th https://www.facebook.com/kolatrader/photos/a.220588351724776.1073741827.189453544838257/265152637268347/?type=3

price had created a breakout and has since risen by 73 points.

Something great is happening behind closed doors with this sports retail company, what it is I don’t know but all I care about is that there is definitely a trend present and that is all we need to know when trading.

When something is going up then buy and look to exit when the trend ends. Keep it real simple.

Earnings came out today and as you can see it has been positive so far but we will have to see if the bar closes as a bullish candle.

When you see a trend looking strong then take advantage of it and compound multiple times because this is where you make the big profits.

Good trade management must be considered and avoid risking too much.

So far the traders that entered this are in good profit and I shall be waiting for the next breakout before adding the next batch of compounds.

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