CTM: Pawn of POE

KOL Cartel
2 min readJun 2, 2023

In the shadowy corridors of the crypto realm, where deceit and betrayal are as commonplace as 1s and 0s, we find ourselves delving deeper into the treacherous underbelly of the KOL Cartel. In this installment, we cast our unforgiving spotlight onto one of its most servile members: CryptoTalkMan, or CTM for short. A mere pawn in this complex game of digital chess, CTM dances to the tunes of the puppeteer known as Poe, pushing any token his master launches with the unwavering loyalty of a programmed bot.

CTM, the ever-obedient servant, never questions the morality of his actions. He echoes Poe’s sentiments and pushes Poe’s tokens like a well-oiled machine, oblivious to the havoc he wreaks. He’s the perfect accomplice, a silent executor of Poe’s grand schemes. Their bond? A twisted symbiosis where Poe pulls the strings and CTM… well, he just follows.

CTM’s hands aren’t clean. They’re stained with the tarnish of tokens he’s helped launch, pump, and dump. His voice, an instrument of manipulation, resonates across the crypto space, echoing Poe’s commands. To the unsuspecting ear, he may sound like any other KOL, but to the initiated, he is but a ventriloquist’s dummy, mouthing the words fed to him by Poe.

This blind loyalty, this unwavering subservience, is not just dangerous; it’s catastrophic. CTM, despite his status as a pawn, wields significant influence. His words sway the opinions and actions of countless crypto enthusiasts, leading them like lambs to the slaughterhouse. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions, and it’s happening right under our noses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the power to strip CTM and his puppet-master Poe of their influence. We can refuse to fall for their manipulative tactics, to buy into their pumped tokens, to be a part of their deceitful games.

Let’s not forget: the power of the KOL Cartel is not inherent; it’s given to them by us, the community. As easily as we’ve handed them this power, we can take it away. We can choose to follow honest, transparent KOLs who value the community’s well-being over their personal gains.

Let’s stand against CTM and his ilk. Let’s dethrone these false kings of the crypto world and take back our power. We deserve a crypto space that’s fair, transparent, and just. And we won’t stop until we get it. Stay tuned, as our journey into the heart of the KOL Cartel continues.