Let’s (not) laugh at them

Kolozsi István (kolboid)
Jan 7 · 2 min read

You bump into a mistake, a typo and you immediately take a screenshot, a photo and post it on social media, right? Oooh, what trash is this?, what a loser, can you see? Baaa, how stupid they are, hahahhahhaa…

You’re awesome! You spotted it and told to everyone, got a lot of likes, they are laughing with you. But wait! It reminds me of a scene from South Park. When one of the guy says something stupid and Mr. Garrison tells the others:

”Come on, let’s surround him, show at him and laugh out loud!”

Twitter and Facebook contains plenty of examples of that behaviour, especially the groups in Facebook. But what is it all about? Mostly it’s a tool of self-flattering or just laughing with others at others. I suppose they don’t come to think of it.

But! What would happen if you told the person who did that, who is responsible, who may correct it and possibly change it? Not in public, only in the background. Of course it takes more time and effort and it is not “rewarding”.

Luckily I regularly meet people of that kind. They write to me via different channels that I mistyped or used a term inappropriately or something went wrong. I thank for them because I can correct my mistakes and (can)learn from them. I do the same and also encourage you to act similarly.

Of course you may want to call others’ attention on a current recurring problem, it’s okay but you’d better hide who solved the problem if you can. And don’t forget to support your solution with strong arguments. Thus, you can make the world a better place or at least try.

Finally, before you give an (unwanted) advice, ask these questions from yourself?

  • Do you have a proper view on the topic?
  • Do I know the person and the circumstances well?
  • Does my opinion come from an experience that is valid on the certain case?

If any of the answers is no then forget your advice. Perhaps, that’s exactly what I should have done. :)

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