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Specification, let’s diversify and multiply. Specialization is an inevitable and also necessary process characterized by a giant troop of nerds who are not able to create on their own, what’s more they are not willing to change and do something new.

Let me give you an example from our ecosystem that can be best concluded with the following tweet:

Whenever I am asked: ”Who did the user research? Who designed the information architecture? Who did the wireframe? Who was that…?” and then I answer to each question: ”It was me”.

That’s what we call design, we the old stagers.
Brijan (unfortunately Brijan deleted the original tweet)

I admit that people specialized at a profession are masters of a specific area and that’s a great thing. But is it okay that the designer of the wireframe needs to wait for the UX copywriter to write the caption of one bloody button? Surely not! If you ask me, nobody should call themselves a designers if they are not able to carry out the whole planning process alone. Especially those who have never tested with users what they had done should not call themselves a designer. This is what we need to be effective. If I am aware and understand what the other does, what our common aims are that could be manifested in the process, that’s where we can cooperate. It’s not an assembly line.

You need to have a general and broad knowledge at your profession. When you have gained that, then you should deepen your skills in a specific part of this area and be an expert at it! This must be working vice versa too. When representing this extensive knowledge you get a T shaped form, that is why it’s called T-shaped designer.

Previously we have made a tool for designers, in which they can indicate the level of their knowledge in different areas. This is the UX amoeba, use it! Visualization can help you find in which areas you need more improvement.

As for the ”I am not going to touch any other areas” attitude, you may feel there is another specialized person who can do it better. In this case, however, targets should be focused on and you should decide whether your knowledge is enough to achieve the target, and don’t be afraid to throw away your ego.

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