Following Donald Trump’s inauguration, the United States of America will see Trump changing from charismatic to rational-legal authority. Leading up to the election Donald Trump appealed positively and negatively very much to the populations personality. Power gained by a leader’s personal qualities defines “charismatic authority” (Openstax, 379). Donald Trump’s ideas to deal with many fears people have such as immigration, terrorism, etc., in very strong manner produces inspiration and belief in many of his followers, this rationalizes charismatic authority.

As Trump finally begins his term in the white house he will start to be able gain power through passing legislation, this is known as rational-legal authority (openstax, 379). An example of this is the ability for trump to declare war, and pass/veto laws that come and go through government.

I believe that when Trump transitions from charismatic authority to rational-legal authority he will behave much more politically correct and rational. Trump gained many followers by his strong tone and consistent policies that would make Americans feel safe in their homes from outside threats. I believe that he will continue to follow these values strongly but with much less irrational ideas for example; a giant wall. A good example of his behavior while transitioning was his speech after winning. Donald Trump’s mannerisms, behavior, and overall speech was a massive increase in professionalism from some of his previous speeches. I believe that also having the cabinet and others influencing him, as well as being head of the country will produce a much more professionally behaved Trump capable of making rational laws that follow his policies. I don’t believe that trumps beliefs will change. His stern personality and tone makes it hard to believe his values and ideas will stray from what they were. This seems to be why many people support him.