As defined in Openstax Sociology_2e, socialization Is, “the process through which people are taught to be proficient member of society” (Openstax sociology, 94). To become a proficient member of society, one must understand social norms, values, and beliefs. When asked “What are some times you can remember where you learned the norms, values, beliefs, and skills you needed to be a functioning member of society?” many thoughts run through my head. My whole life I have consistently learned values, norms, and beliefs to become a functioning member of society, even to this day.

I remember learning new words growing up that I had no idea what they meant and being punished for them due to their vulgarity. I remember learning to always say please and thank you, no matter what, even if you were unhappy with a situation. A very good example of adapting to a norm would be when I was in Germany this past summer. Unlike in the United States, people often bring their own bags to the grocery store. The first time I walked into the grocery store I awkwardly had to walk back to my hotel with a rather large amount of groceries in my pockets and arms because I didn’t bring bags. I made a point to bring bags from that day forward adapting into that norm.

Of the three theoretical perspectives discusses in Unit 4, I identify most with functionalism. Functionalism, “sees society as a structure with interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of the individuals in that society.” (Openstax, 15).

I Identify with the functionalist’s view on socialism. I believe in how people should often follow social quo’s and stick to the norms of society. Although this may deprive a society of some individualism, I believe that this creates a functional society.