After reading of the different types of societies, I believe I would rather live in our current society over a previous society. Although the idea of living in the feudal age, being a lord and owning land and being powerful (Openstax, 78), or living in the industrial age where many family values and work ethics from hours of hard work and low pay came from, I believe that our current society is the best suited for me.

I believe that right now is the best era to be alive because of my interest in science and just how advanced technology is becoming. There are so many different ways to receive information for research that was not available in previous societies. Because of this our youth currently studying to enter the work force can create massive advances on medicine, possibly making everything that may not be affordable for other countries or people right now, more affordable. The same applies on a technological, biological, and economical level.

Karl Marx describes alienation as “the condition in which the individual is isolated… from his or her society, work, or sense of self.” (Openstax, 82) One in particular that I can relate to my life very easily is Alienation from the process of one’s labor. This is much like the inability to have any creativity or diversity in a one persons work from another under the same roof. Openstax uses the example of “An employee at Burger Kind cannot decide to change the spices” (Openstax, 82) this relates to me personally as I worked at a mcdonald’s for 3 years throughout highschool. Things were never allowed to be different unless specifically asked. It allowed for no individuality or change whether benefitial or detrimental.

I have many ascribed and achieved statuses in life. Ascribed is given to me as Openstax gives examples, I am a son, a twin-brother, a male. These have been all with me since birth. Openstax defines an achievement or something earned as a “ascribed” status (Openstax, 86). These include: college student, athlete, CNA. There are tons of different ascribed and achieved statuses I could go on with but those are what come to mind when asked to share.