5 things to do with your Squad to get into the Christmas Spirit

Get ready for some true holiday feels!

- Raisa O’Brien

With December rapidly approaching and winter in the air, you really feel that Christmas is right around the corner. Here’s five things to do with your friends to dive into the holiday spirit. So gather the squad and get ready for some true holiday feels!

1. Plan an ugly sweater party

You know that ugly red and green itchy sweater you have from ‘back in the day’ hidden in the depths of your closet? It’s time to bring it out of hibernation (yes, the irony is intentional) and throw it on for your Christmas theme party. Make sure everyone comes dressed in the ugliest sweater they own and have a blast taking goofy selfies. You can even have an awards ceremony with categories like ‘Ugliest Couple Sweaters’ and ‘Most Likely to Go Viral on Social Media’!

Image Credits: prettymyparty.com

2. Secret Santa

Let’s face it — half the reason we love Christmas is because of the presents. So Secret Santa is the perfect thing to do with your friend circle…and you get to find out who truly knows you! All you have to do is:

i. Write down the names of everyone who is participating on little pieces of paper and put them in a bag

ii. Pick a name from their bag but don’t tell anyone whose name you picked. You’re now their Santa (the name is literally self-explanatory)

iii. Buy them something they’ve been craving for. The more personalized the gift, the better!

You can either hide their gift or plan a little party to exchange them!

Image Credits: boardgamegeek.com

3. Countdown to Christmas — mini gift edition

On a budget this Christmas but still want to do something special for bae? Here’s 3 steps to the easiest countdown to Christmas:

i. Grab a cupcake tray or muffin tin and fill each mold with a little present (a chocolate, pair of earrings, anything! Just remember it has to be small enough to fit into the tin easily.)

ii. Make paper cutouts and stick them over the mold so that they cover the treats. Don’t forget to number the paper to show the days left till Christmas.

iii. Open one mold every day till Christmas and enjoy the countdown and the treats!

Image Credits: artfire.com

4. Make a winter playlist

Get everyone to name their favorite Christmas-y or winter song and add it to a playlist that you all can listen on loop.

Image Credits: clipartkid.com

5. Visit the Kolkata Christmas Festival

Probably the best way to spend the days leading up to Christmas — visit the Kolkata Christmas Festival and enjoy the music, food, and energy of the City of Joy during the happiest time of the year!

Image Credits: indiaonline.in

Happy Holidays!