When money is not just enough..

When we are doing well in our life, living our dream achieving our goals and enjoying our life to the fullest we often fail to realize how hard it is for few people who are deprived of all the basic amenities in life. Giving back to the society is a very important aspect of human life. When we have enough why not help others with some.

Charity is an important aspect of living in a society because a percentage of humans in our society could hardly afford their daily food and shelter and it’s our duty to help each other live a better life. People are losing jobs going homeless every day and the current situation is getting worse day by day.

Charity is not enough right now. You could buy a homeless man food for a couple of days but that will never be the end result because after a couple of days the homeless man will again have no food. We as a society have to invest our time and emotions along with our money to really make the difference.

We could really make a difference by investing money in small businesses which will help people get more jobs. Once a homeless man who has no money starts earning there will be a permanent solution to the problem of homelessness. When donating money to a charity we should all get involved in the charity and try to make a difference even if does not make a huge difference.

It’s our society and it’s our duty to get involved in it’s betterment not only with a chunk of money but also with all our time, love and emotions.