10 Best Affordable European Honeymoon Destinations | Travel

The memory of a grand marriage ends with a grand honeymoon. An event like honeymoon calls for some extravagance and you deserve to explore your dream destination with the love of your life. Planning a memorable honeymoon starts with choosing an exciting destination. Europe is one of those dreamy destinations which meet up the new couples ideal honeymoon destination’s expectation.

1) Tuscany

Tuscany is indeed a heavenly place for romance, chianti wine, olives, aromatic cooking and sunshine. Here you can explore castles-turned –wineries-turned hotels, elegant cypress trees, cascading hills and sprawling vineyards. Tuscany is ranked as best wine vacations and most luxurious honeymoon destinations. Best things to do there is to get a sip to their local wines and to have bread dipped into smooth olive oils. To explore with photography you can visit to Pisa where there is tilting torre. Best places to visit in Tuscany are Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre, Lucca, etc.

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