Black and White

Dreams in monochrome

Today I dreamt of you in black and white.

I was falling in to a depth I couldn’t fathom but strangely I didn’t try to even hold on to something. I let myself fall. I thought maybe when I hit the bottom, I will wake up.

And I did. But in the same dream, shades of black surrounding me.

The weird thing was I could see myself in colours. But when you emerged from within the gloomy shades of my dream, it was like you had absorbed it. Except for your pale grey skin, everything else about you was black.

And no. I don’t think it was a bad dream. Just because it was black and white doesn’t mean it is negative.

You want to know why?

Before I pulled myself out with a power I thought I never had, I saw you smile.

It wasn’t evil. It wasn’t negative. It wasn’t black.

It was just a smile.

And I saw light spread. Shades of black turned in to colours of memory and I imagined myself drowning in it. So before the light came rushing in, I pulled myself out.

But before my eyes blinked away from the spreading light and focused on the steady white glow of reality, I saw you smile.

And then I realized why I dreamed of you in black and white. Maybe, finally, I’m getting better. I am accepting light and dark as they are.

But something else bothered me.

I dreamt of YOU in black and white.

Out of all the people in my life, etched in my subconscious, I dreamt of you.

It was still you.

And I don’t know why.