Design the Perfect Portfolio Page

When it comes to front-end and back-end development a portfolio website is a great way to make yourself standout from the potentially hundreds of people applying for the same job. Creating something that is unique, shows off your skills, but also displays your personality. I could go into something superficial and make it seem deeper than it really is, but when it comes down to it, I’m just not creative. So if you are like me you pretty much steal design ideas from other places and then emulate that into making something that would be considered acceptable. So here is a simple guide of how to create the Frankenstein of websites:

To use an example of a website I used before let’s look at

Now that is a sexy website you say?

So maybe you wanted to work on a website, but you just can’t figure out how they did that super awesome thing they did. One thing you can do is to save the website on your computer. Yes you can save whole websites on your computer and look at the code for the whole website.

OwO what’s this?

By simply right clicking on any website, you can “Save as…” and save the whole thing. The code for the whole dang website! Now if you want to figure out how a website did a cool drop down menu or how they made the cat walk across the screen you can figure out how they did it.

Boy howdy just look at that code!

Holy cow, just check it out! Now you have all that fancy code needed in order to make the most technically advanced website since the creation of ARPANET. So now with this new found knowledge go out there and have some fun, or use it for evil, whatever, I don’t care.