Even if you’re not a hardcore basketball fan, you have probably heard of or seen The Last Dance, a documentary mini-series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, known for winning six NBA titles in the 90s. Although the series focuses on Jordan, an extremely competitive personality with a uniquely fierce leadership style, watching how the Bulls succeeded provides some really useful takeaways to any leader, regardless of the industry.

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#1 One top talent won’t do; you need a diverse team to succeed

Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player of all time, joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984, however, the team did not win a championship until 1991. In Jordan’s early years, the Bulls’ strategy was simply to “give the ball to Michael and everyone else get the fuck out of the way” which did not prove to be a successful one. …


Zoltan Kollin

UX enthusiastic design principal at IBM, co-organizer of Amuse UX Conference and co-author of UX Myths. Views are my own. http://kollin.hu

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