Skeletons in the Closet

There was a little girl named Mahfindred

whose house was both lovely and terrible

stomachs were fed

but all conversations stemmed from parables.

A blessed child was she,

as what the elders told her-

for she was free

and her destiny was not that of a worker.

They toiled day and night

to give Mahfindred a happy life,

educated her to make her future bright

as she would be someone’s future wife.

“A woman you shall be,

and heaven will bless you with a man

offering you both land and sea”

It was the elders’ plan.

Mahfindred was a brilliant child

and understood what was expected of her

she didn’t get mad but only smiled

and went along with her readings on gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Mahfindred made her way through the halls

and day by day she observed

all the screaming behind the walls

with all the questions in her mind she reserved-

for the day she could gather the courage

and question about the not-so pleasant things

like that of love and marriage-

on why it had all of the broken strings.

Of all the screams she heard,

there was always one she could not forget

a curse to the Word

the voices filled with regret

Screams were always behind doors

once opened, it was like nothing happened

as if all frustrations were stuffed in drawers

and hope to heal abandoned.

She never got to understand why

elders screamed behind doors and locks

where they would continue to cry

was it some kind of paradox?

Then time flew by and Mahfindred was a woman

Educated and polished

but fate wanted to change the plan

this, Mahfindred acknowledged

Perhaps it was because of education

or perhaps it was something else,

but her ideas became warrants of damnation

she dared not speak her mind nor did she confess.

Mahfindred found love

and although the parables spoke of love

it was not the love the elders knew about

it was the love the elders screamed about.

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