5 reasons why University Students make great Focus Groups for your App Concept.

So you have this great app idea but don’t know where to look to validate the concept?

May we suggest tapping into student networks? Here are 5 reasons why:

1) They have less tolerance to a poor user experience. When judging how funky or how cool your app is students have the best perspective. They just delete it immediately if they don’t like it. The younger you get, the better the user experience you need to have. Tolerance tends to drop with age.

2) They expect your app to be ‘cool’. Students will be happy to let you know if your app isn’t cool, and make no mistake it needs to be. They expect interesting apps to come out because they have the best downloaded already. The benchmark is high and they are happy to point out if it’s “Not as good as Airbnb.”

We believe every app should have the cool factor. Not everyone agrees with this but allow us to point out a glaring example. One of the reasons we feel LinkedIn is lacking as a social media app is that they don’t have that ‘cool factor’ in their mobile app or website. It’s a professional networking site, but they’ve never grown beyond their clunky user experience, they still aren’t cool enough. It is a site for professionals, but professionals are not boring and don’t want to be bored.

3) They are inexpensive to approach and engage.

Students have time and are often easy to please. We find that for relatively small perks they are usually happy to help and provide feedback. A quick trawl through university websites in the clubs and societies section will present a whole list of clubs/groups to potentially approach. If you want to individually contact, the treasurer or president (which we recommend) just grab their email address and email them directly.

As for what you can offer in return, a couple of examples would include running a simple competition for the members of their club or organisation who provide you with their feedback or simply gifting the club a hundred dollar voucher as a token of your appreciation.

4) They tend to have vast communities and networks.

There is a great deal of hustle within the student groups, specifically within universities and colleges. In many of these societies and groups, people tend to do things together. Whether they’re gaming, studying or partying, they’ll be doing it in groups. There is time and proximity to argue and what better thing to discuss than your app? Whereas if you look to the working-class, they tend to download apps more for productivity purposes and typically have less time to critique and think about it.

5) They are the future leaders. University students are the future leaders. In every developed country where education is paramount like Germany, the UK, or the US, students are the group that companies target knowing full well the potential lifetime value available. When it comes to Australia, we don’t tend to do this as much but we believe this presents an opportunity. If that can be a focus here in the near future, students should become one of the best focus groups for businesses and founders.

University students grow older and it is great to get their attention while you can.

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