Your MVP App Brief

This post follows on from the previous posts we have recently written around building an app.

We often come across non-tech individuals with a very clear, validated app idea, a business plan and capital. What is often missing however is the App Brief.

At this stage, plenty of information has usually been documented, but when it comes to the ins and outs of the app brief, it can miss the mark. This post is about what you need your app brief to contain before you take it to the Devs.

If you have validated your app idea (Link to Idea Validation post) and now know it is time to build your MVP, this post is for you.

Here is what you need to bring:

Have a clearly defined objective for your app

Every action and decision can be referred back to this objective. Is making ‘x’ decision helping us achieve ‘y’ objective?

Undertake a SWOT and PEST analysis on your app concept.

SWOT refers to ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.’ Examples of SWOT analysis can be found here:

PEST refers to ‘Political, Economic, Social and Technical’. An example of a PEST analysis can be found here:

User Environments:

Who are your users?

What target market do they fall into?

Where are they located?

What sort of app do you prefer to build and why?

iOS app, A web app or Hybrid app?

Your decision should be based around the behaviour of your target market. What apps do they tend to use?


How did you test/validate your idea?

Surveys, Focus groups, Questionnaire etc.

Mock-up your MVP:

It doesn’t have to be pretty but your initial Mock-up should at least address how your app is going to function. You can use this app to help: (It’s Free).

List the features you will want to build into your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), It is critical to address the core problem your app is solving in your MVP. Does your current mock-up address the objective of your app?

What does the existing team look like?

Founders? Co-founders? Marketing? Accounts? Who is doing what? What are the gaps and how do you plan to fill them? Your Devs or Agency will need to know this to determine where they fit.

How do you plan to launch? Hint: The answer isn’t “Build the app.” To succeed you need a launch strategy to accompany the MVP.

1. What content will be distributed and where?

2. Who is responsible for the marketing strategy?

3. Have you reached out to complementary businesses or startups to collaborate your product?

Finally, do you have a cost/budget plan for your MVP?

(Always ensure to secure budget, either from your own savings or a financial partner/angel investor/friends/family),

A word of warning: Don’t pursue a Tech partnership with a development company for a stake in your app. It’s a waste of time for both the parties before your MVP is tested and validated. 19 out of every 20 developers won’t like to be approached for a stake before a validated MVP.