#Startupchats: Creating a Culture of Customer Service w/ @Startup_Canada and Freshdesk

Friday, September 30th at 12 P.M EST Startup Canada (https://twitter.com/Startup_Canada?lang=en) and Freshdesk (https://twitter.com/freshdesk?lang=en) held a twitter chat discussing how startup businesses and young and old entrepreneurs alike can create a culture of customer service from the ground up. Startup Canada jumped right in with Question 1(Q1) asking “ Q1 Let’s get started! What is ‘Culture of Customer Service’ and why does it matter for entrepreneurs? @Freshdesk #StartupChats” (@Startup_Canada). Immediately, #twitter uses began joining in answering the question with insightful points, many coming from those experienced in the field. Perhaps the most useful answer to me came from Alan Berkson, in which he replied “ A1: You’re nothing without customers. Build a customer-focused culture from day one. #startupchats” (Alan Berkson). I’ve always tried to emphasize and stress the importance of customer relations in all facets of life. Without support, in business or in life, everyday struggles become much harder to conquer. Without support for your business, you’re dead in the water.

@Startup_Canada then proposed what might have been the most important question of the day, asking “ Q3 What are the keys to building a service culture in a startup from day one? @Freshdesk #StartupChats” (@Startup_Canada). One user I followed closely throughout the #startupchat was @nicholascoriano who answer Q3 with “ A3: I tell my team it feels really good when the customer loves u, get that feeling & they’re the ONLY reason we have a job #StartupChats” (@nicholascoriano).

The chat continued with many insightful points about customer service culture and how to obtain that golden treasure organically. It also dabbled into how best to get feedback from customers to ensure consumer satisfaction by proposing the question “ Q6 What approaches or tools can startups use to build feedback into their customer service experience? @Freshdesk #StartupChats” (@Startup_Canada). I seized this opportunity to jump in and replied with “@Startup_Canada @freshdesk A6 get out there and start talking! Short surveys are great too #startupchats

Once I had my rhythm going and was in the right mindset, I began fully immersing myself in the chat, as I was a bit apprehensive at first. Perhaps the best part of the chat for me was when @startup_canada retweeted me. They posted the question:

I replied with the following:

I feel very passionately about this point. Especially for a startup, there needs to be someone a out there kissing babies and shaking hands. A salesperson with the wit and charisma of VICE’s Shane Smith . A person such as this is the backbone of the company. That man doesn’t specifically need to be the founder of the business, and one can certainly hire this critical role. But it is critical. It is necessary.

This #startupchat taught me a lot about entrepreneurship. Customer service is one of, if not the most important aspect of a business. Maintaining satisfied customers is how startups grow to become household names. Thanks @Startup_Canada and all of the other Twitter uses for all of the advice.

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