Medium, it’s alright isn’t it?

I’m looking to use Medium for my blog. I’ve got a little fed up with Blogger and WordPress and kinda want to start afresh anyway. At various stages I’ve used both blogs as my main domain name; Blogger having the latest stint. But I find formatting posts on each to be a frustrating affair and I just want things to be simple.

Medium looks a lot tidier and easier to use. After two minutes playing around I’ve found the UI to be 100 times more user friendly. No more line spacing or text sizing issues. Everything is neat and tidy. It just works. Brilliant.

So… how is this going work, hmmm. Well I won’t be posting regularly, I don’t normally have much to say or the time to say it. I won’t be posting long posts very often, in fact most will probably be very short, but not Twitter-short, thoughts of the day. I will be sharing stuff I’ve shared to my other social profiles, be it in a more digest format like a weekly or monthly post on my #NewMusicMonday favourites. But it won’t be duplicating exactly.

I’ll start with an intro post with various links to my social profiles. I’ve had a right old tidy up of these so I’m not cross posting anything. Thereafter it’ll just be my plans and thoughts poured out over the screen; thinking out loud so to speak. I’m hoping someone out there will find this stuff interesting and perhaps even help me out with things. If not, ah well it’s fine. :-)

I warn you though, I’m no writer, there will be horrible grammatical errors left, right and centre. So please forgive me. I’m more than happy to get feedback but be kind I’m a bit stupid.

How does all that sound? OK? Well let’s give this thing a go and see, eh? :-)