Art Smart with CrowdFire

For as long as Annesha Gordon could remember, art was important. The colors called to her with a mischievous song, a song only she understood.

Sadly for Annesha the songs would soon fade and become a curious whisper. Art was not a priority in the house but the thrill of creation was beyond control and she drew whenever she got the opportunity while learning new techniques from the books she could find.

“I had a secret stash of art books that I would get from the school library”

Eureka moment

For Annesha art was an indulgence until she went to college and started meeting other artists. They heard the songs of colors too!

“Years of hiding my love for art made me comfortable with anonymity. So I decided to take control of my art and start an online store”

After some months of setting up her shopify account and selling most of her first collection, She wanted to confront her mother .

Annesha loves abstract!

“When I first started I kept the brand a secret from my family. Which I should not have done because they deserved to know. Sometimes they share their personal ideas of what they feel I should do. It upsets me sometimes but because of my bible trained conscience, I honor and respect my family”

Now, Annesha works on her love for art at Dragonh3art while using the digital medium which was a bit difficult for her to begin with .

I made the switch to digital drawing to create more professional looking designs . I wanted to be taken seriously as an artist. It was intimidating at first but after playing around with it for a bit, it’s not so scary anymore. But I’m still learning”

Annesha loves the digital medium for business because it has its perks!

“I like having an online business because I don’t need to worry about managing a physical store”

And to make her work easier she uses the new SmartPosts on Crowdfire and loves it because

1.SmartPosts create posts for you

For a busy college student its difficult to manage all her channels while creating content and updates. SmartPosts create the post for her while she is away indulging in art and college!

2.SmartPosts Choose the right time

Not only do SmartPosts create the posts for Annesha, it also analyzes what time is best and posts accordingly. For someone like Annesha this is a boon!

3.SmartPosts Chooses the right text

Annesha is a visual being so choosing the right texts and Hashtags is not up her alley, now SmartPosts choose the right text and hashtags for her!

4.SmartPosts lets you control

Before Annesha freaked out over the total control of her content by SmartPosts we clarified that it doesn’t. You can edit the content exactly the way you like before posting it on social media!

5.SmartPosts is always new

Smart posts pushes her old post and products out to her audience aswell and it circulates all her creations to the right people!

“Even when I don’t create new pieces, I always have many orders from the past collection! All thanks to SmartPosts”

“There are so many creatives out there and it’s a never ending battle trying to stand out. I manage post and marketing with the help of Crowdfire and couldn’t be happier”

This is what we call Smart Art with SmartPosts!

Have tried SmartPosts yet? Tell us what do you think!