10 events to bring your startup to the limelight

Time to awaken the “pitcher” in you

You have an idea or a prototype. What do you do after that?
Pitch your ideas to potential investors! What better way to find a mentor and learn than to go to events and present your idea to a crowd.

Not only pitching, these events conduct seminars and workshops as well.

  1. Startup India Rocks! 2017
When: 3rd and 4th November
Where: ISB
Registration fee: INR 1000

Startup India Rocks is an initiative by Scaale Group to organize a global startup competition. This competition lets companies from 20 different cities compete for the winner prize, funding, mentorship and a chance to connect with corporates.

You could also win a chance to get your company evaluated by CBA (Cross Border Angels and Investors) experts.

2. i5 Summit

When: 19th and 20th August
Where: IIM Indore
Registration fee: TBA

i5 Summit is a two-day entrepreneurial carnival which takes place in IIM Indore organized by the students of IIT & IIM Indore. Just a year old, this event boasts of an impressive array of speakers, including Bibop Gresta (Hyperloop), Mohandas Pai (Manipal Global Education Services) etc., this event always you to present up to 5 startups!

3. The Pitch Room

When: 3rd June
Where: Gurgaon
Registration fee: INR 1000

The Pitch Room, a unique opportunity to pitch one-to-one to investors & VCs. After filling out the application, 10 startups will get the opportunity to pitch to investors and VCs. Every startup will get only 15 minutes to pitch to 10 investors, so make the best of it!

4. Startup Festival

When: 29th July
Where: IIT Delhi
Registration: TBA

The shortlisted top 50 get featured in the exclusive expo at Indian Youth Festival, New Delhi! Indian Youth Forum is first-ever Startup Festival which will bring together the brightest of 100+ startups of the country in one place.

For the first time ever, you get to see everything together: Startups, Leaders, Investors, Professionals, Students, Freelancers, Celebrities!

5. Demo Day

When: 6th May- 21st October
Where: Various locations
Registration: Free

Present in 20 cities this year, Demo Day claims to be “The Widest Startup Challenge”. The finale takes place in Bangalore, from December 8th to 10th, with classes on how to make a perfect pitch, guerrilla marketing, speeches by industry experts etc.

The price for the 3-day event in Bangalore starts from INR 2000. There are different packages which are available on site

6. Startup Weekend

When: May- June
Where: Various locations
Registration: Starting from INR 500

Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior quality education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations.

7. Anthah Prerana

When: 23rd- 26th May
Where: Bangalore
Registration: Free

Anthah Prerana is a mentoring and accelerator program organized by TiE Bangalore. These startups go through a process of critical analysis where 30 of them are chosen to showcase their products in front of the jury panel. The panel carefully evaluates these showcases and selects the 10 best ideas.

8. The August Fest

When: 26th- 27th August
Where: Hyderabad
Registration: Starting from INR 1,000

The August Fest is one of the Largest Startup Festivals that Celebrates Arts and Entrepreneurship in Asia! Catch up with the remarkable speakers, outstanding entrepreneurs, techies, marketers, game changers, creative folks, dreamers, achievers, investors, startup ecosystem players from across India, Asia, Middle East, Europe and U.S.

9. Startup Jalsa

When: TBA
Where: Delhi Technological University, Delhi
Registration: TBA

Startup Jalsa doesn’t believe in doing things the clichéd way. They try to bridge the gap between traditional businessmen who have been earning profits for years and are an expert on scalability with startups in their nascent stage.

The Startup Jalsa 2016 had interesting concepts like sleeping in tents next to investors and partying with them!

10. eSummit

When: TBA
Where: IIT Kanpur
Registration: TBA

E-Summit is an annual flagship event of IIT Kanpur. It forebodes to be a most enriching experience with numerous guest lectures, workshops and discussion panels. It also has an interesting array of competitions from pitching, stock trading competition, startup crisis situations etc. It also provides accommodation at an added cost.

Check their website for details.

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