Why I Want To Capture Everything (in pictures)

Komal Raimangia
Feb 20, 2018 · 3 min read

You can call me a photo freak all you want. A person who wants to capture everything. You’ve given me countless lectures about why I shouldn’t waste my life recording everything. About how I should “live in the moment”

And I’ve done my part. I’ve sat patiently through those lectures, without any rebuttal. Waiting for you to finish so that I can go back to capturing my delicious lunch.

So here I am today. Declaring myself a photo freak. No shame, no guilt.

You can tell me that I take too many pictures, that I take too many videos and that I don’t “live in the moment”

You can tell me I spend way too much time, trying to capture the perfect shot for my Instagram timeline, or trying get the perfect punchline for my Snapchat story.

But you only see that one perfect flat lay of my lunch spread and some chocolate milkshake.

What you don’t see are the 20 other pictures that didn’t make the cut. What you don’t see are the pictures of my friend — mid laugh, telling me a funny story with that twinkle in her eyes and the funniest milkshake mustache ever to go with it. These pictures are for my eyes only.

But you judge me, and tell me that I didn’t “live that moment”

The truth is, I lived every second of that moment and I lived it from behind my phone more than you could, sans it.

Yes, I take pictures of everything. Because 50 years down the line, when I’m all old and wrinkly, when all my hair has turned grey and when my brain finds it more and more difficult to even remember my own name, I want to be able to look at these pictures and remember exactly how I felt in that moment. I want to remember my friend’s laugh and I want to remember that funny story.

I want to remember the people I loved. I want to remember the ones I left behind. And I want to remember the ones who stuck with me all through the end.

I want to know that I lived. And I want to know that it was a good life.

So go ahead. Tell me I didn’t “live the moment” because I was too busy capturing it on my phone. I lived it more than you. And 50 years from now, when we’re all old and wrinkly and it becomes more and more difficult to even remember our own names, you’ll be staring at a blank canvas which you sparsely filled while I have thousands and thousands of pictures of every moment I lived and everyone I loved to remind me that it was a good life.

And oh, what a life.

P.S. My constant need to capture everything doesn’t mean I take amazing pictures. I’m as amateur as amateur gets. You can check my Instagram to see for yourself 💁

P.P.S. The ‘you’ in this context are all the people who’ve somewhere asked me “Do you HAVE to capture everything?” There haven’t been many of ‘yous’ and I never took offence. Just thought I should say my part for once 🙏

P.P.P.S. Cookies for those who identified that American Authors song quote in the post 🍪

Komal Raimangia

Written by

Over thinker. I blog about my Personal learnings and experiences.

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