Words unspoken.
Being a sister is a full time task and being one to me,
is a daunting one. 
Saying so 
would be a bluff
elder she is,
and yet with the imbecilic fun.
How I tolerate her buffoonery
only I know.
She yapping around my ear,
dancing near my sight,
and her weird expressions
Only breaking my thoughts flow. 
With her quirky little habits,
she gets on my nerves,
calling the younger one adopted
is her concern. 
She going away
opens realms of blues
I yearn for her,
Come back soon.
She fears looking up the sky, 
I admire her admiring 
the exquisiteness of the night sky.
She talks about the stars 
And I find peace in how heavenly her talks are. 
Impulsive as she is
buys all the beauty product
never ever using them once.
She whets my appetite 
with all the luscious delights.
No matter how much 
we argue, 
she cannot be drawn apart.
She is someone 
loving me from the heart. 
Her dream catchers,
Her quick wit
Her elegance
Her reliability,
I am enamoured 
of her such Beauty.
The excitement she shows,
dwelling in the beauty of nature.
I, without her, 
am like a bird
Without the wings. 
Even in the ambience of darkness,
her positivity is never blurred
You are magic
in this incredibly real world.

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