My life started in a suburb of Chicago. I moved to a small red brick house with my brother, dad, and mom. Life moved fast and before I knew it I was in grade school, in a new house, and had a younger brother. Moving through the years, Time flew. My fifth grade was graduating class of 2013. 6th grade was approaching very fast. I was nervous, scared, and excited. Middle school was crazy, cool, and sometimes a bit hectic. My days consisted of homework, eating, and sports. Here I am again entering high school. To start It all again.

The song I chose is Hall of Fame by script. This song is inspiring because the lyrics make you think you can do anything and be anything.

The vine I made is a video of my brother and I eating.

I chose my Grandpa because he had been through so much, yet he still provided for his family and he kept his head up high.

Photo Credit: Valerie Presperin

I chose my Dad because he has accomplished so much in his life and is very hardworking.

Photo credit: Paulette O'Malley

I chose my Mom because she is always there for us and is always caring.

Photo credit: Taylor O'Malley

This is my chart for what I worry about and what I do in my free time.

On Friday night I was at the Prospect football game.

Picture by: Holly Johnson

This is a place that I want to visit when I grow up. It is located in the Caribbean Islands.

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