Branding of Artifacia

Artifacia is a visual discovery platform designed for fashion brands and retailers. We help them build beautiful product discovery experiences with a unique visual first approach to solving the relevance and personalization problems for their users. This generic name is an umbrella term that breaks the restrictions around the product, hence allows the possibility to diversify in the future. The brand’s mission is to connect people and products with the most effortless product discovery experience.

We have already shared the reasoning behind the new name. For those who haven’t read that article, in the words of Artifacia Co-Founder Navneet:

“We have always believed in the impact that can be created with artificial intelligence technology. Combined with the belief that human computer interaction is one area that’s going to play a major role in making AI products useful for everyday use.”

With the change of name from Snapshopr to Artifacia, the need for a new logo was inevitable. Before finalising an appropriate logo for Artifacia, there was a lot of brainstorming and thought process that went into it.

Step 1: Words That Describe Artifacia

I brainstormed and made a list of all the possible words that define Artifacia and the words which are associated with it.

Words defining artifacia

Step 2: Rough Sketches and Iterations

Few of the iterations.

The iterations represented the ideology behind Artifacia and I also played around with the letters of AI (artificial intelligence). There were three ways to go about it, either it could have been a text based logo, icon based logo or a combination mark. I chose to go with combination mark logo. Making it simple and memorable is the approach I followed while designing it.

Work in progress

After various iterations and narrowing down to a few keywords, I focused my understanding around the term “visual discovery” and came up with the following logo:

The word ‘discover’ refers to finding something that already exists and this logo very well represents the same. Here are a few points that I considered:

  • It highlights something, which already exists in the confined area (circle).
  • The small circle inside the bigger circle is visually similar which represents Artifacia’s core ability to show visually similar or visually relevant products to its users.
  • A circle represents infinity and wholeness.
  • This logo also resembles an eye or lens, hence laying focus on the word “visual”.
  • It’s a simple yet meaningful logo which incorporates many things related to Artifacia.

Step 3: Choosing The Right Typeface

We chose the typeface maven pro for the combination mark, it is a little edgy and stiff, yet round which gives a tech-centric feel to the font.

The typeface for the combination mark

Step 4: Choosing The Color

I assigned a color to each of the words I brainstormed in the first step. Out of all the colors, the most frequent color was blue. Blue signifies — trust, integrity, and efficiency. It’s the colour that conveys communication and logic and also represents calmness, reflection, and serenity. This is because blue relates to the mind, affecting us mentally. The next task was to find the right shade of blue.

final color chosen: #0a91cc

The Final Outcome:

Here is a gif for a better understanding of the logo.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more from Artifacia design team.

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