Meditative Writing Exercises

This series of posts are unedited transcriptions of meditative writing exercises done from Jess HindsMeditative Writing class at Jacob Krueger Studio. Jess starts with a guided meditation usually involving yourself and one of your characters (“whichever character appears is the right character”.) Typically, there is some visualization of one of the primary emotional needs (love, comfort, justice, respect, validation) which the writer transfers to the character, followed by an extensive free writing experience. These are my results, good, bad, boring and intriguing. “Moderately dark,” perhaps.

See also a 15-minute dialogue.

#1 “He reaches for the door knob and …” (4/29/17)

#2 “Your character sees himself as a child and the child falls into the lake.” (4/19/17)

#3 “The parent who never loved you …” (5/3/2017)

#4a “There is someone who can fulfill the burning need for …” (5/8/17)

#4b “A flock of black birds circled around, darkening the sky …”

Level 2 Class

#1 Loss. Truce. Plan. (5/9/17)

#2 “I opened the door at the back of the cave…” (5/16/17)

#4 “I thought I lost you. (5/30/17)

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