Using the komentify comment widget on your wordpress site

Do you have a wordpress site and want to integrate komentify? We provide a plugin that makes this easily possible.

The first thing you have to do is download the zip which contains the files:

After unzipping you should open the newly created directory (probably called integration-libs-master).

Folder contents

You should now see these files. Copy the komentify folder (selected in screenshot) into the wp-content/plugins folder of your wordpress project (where all the other plugins reside).

After you’ve done that you can navigate to your wordpress blog and go to the admin UI. Click on the Plugins page and enable the komentify plugin.

Wordpress plugins list

Now click onto the Settings button and configure the App ID that you can get from the komentify dashboard.

Add App ID to komentify settings

When you’ve copied the App ID from the dashboard to the wordpress configuration and you’ve pressed save you’re done. Go to a random blog post on your website and have a look at your newly installed widget. Have fun with komentify!