KOM January 2022 Monthly Report

Hello, $KOMmunity!

The wholesome month of January has ended, so we’ll be checking out the outcome of our Social Engagement Burning, DxLock burning, KOM liquidity across all DEXs, as well as look at some of the things we achieved in the past month.

4th Social Engagement Burning!

This month, we held our 4th Social Engagement Burn and we managed to burn a grand total of 39,653,310 KOM during our first month of the year. With $KOM costing $0.0062 at the time of writing, that’s $245,850 worth of KOM sent out of circulation! Part of the reason why we burned less KOM compared to last month is due to the reduction of our KOM burning multiplier, since we reduced our max supply from 40B to 2B, and we’ll simultaneously burn our DxLock tokens from now on! Here’s the transaction of our January burn.

Now, let’s dive straight into the details and stats of our January Social Engagement Burn.

1. Twitter

Like always, the first statistic that we’ll check out is our Twitter. In December alone, we’ve managed to attain 620k visits to our Kommunitas twitter profile. With 5 KOM burnt for every profile visit, that’s a total of 3,100,000 KOM burnt!

We’ve also achieved 942k tweet impressions in December, with a multiplier of 5 KOM for every impression, that’s another 4,710,000 KOM burnt!

As depicted above, we received 20.7K mentions on our twitter account (@Kommunitas1), leading to a burn of 2,070,000 KOM!

Our Top Follower of The Month goes to BITCOIN MILLONARIOS ACADEMY! You can head on to their twitter and show them some love as their 300K follower count allows us to burn another 1,500,000 KOM!

2. Medium

With an increase of 355 followers on our medium page and 1,000 KOM burnt for every new follower, that leaves us with 355,000 KOM burnt.

Following up, our View, Reads and Fans on Medium totalled up to 48,708. With our promised burn of 200 KOM per count, that easily adds another 9,741,600 KOM to our total burn count!

3. Telegram

Next up, our telegram section. We’ve managed to welcome an additional 15,768 members to our main telegram group in the past month and we amassed a total of 76,171 messages sent during the month of January. After multiplying that by a burn of 200 KOM for every new member and 50 KOM per message sent, that works out to 6,962,100 KOM being burnt!

We also established 2 regional KOMmunities, adding 100,000 KOM to our total burn amount!

15 AMAs were also held over on our main telegram. With 100,000 KOM being burnt for each AMA we hold, that’s another 1,500,000 KOM sent out of circulation! You can tune in and participate in our AMAs by joining our main telegram group. There’s usually some prizes to be won for selected individuals!

A total of 1,456 KOM was sent to our address used to verify the wallets of KOM holders who wish to join our Private Partners group. To honour the contributions of these individuals, we’ve decided to burn 10x the amount of KOM they send, equating to 14,560 KOM being burnt. You may also join our Private Partners group to get guaranteed allocation for Seed / Private sales by staking a minimum of 500,000 KOM and starting a conversation with our KOM elite bot over on telegram.

4. Private and Public sales on our launchpad

Last month, we held a record number of total private and public sales on our platform! With a sum of 7 Private sales and another 7 Public sales choosing to kickstart their projects on our launchpad, we’ve burnt an additional 5,600,000 KOM to reciprocate the trust they’ve placed in us.

That’s the end of our social engagement burn section, you may find the specifics and criteria of our KOM Social Engagement Burn here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15U4xeZRdH2d4gyKmyAP0NjiETteJncrOoHjZYouRJ78/edit#gid=1175474542

DxLock Token Burn

Here comes the exciting part of our monthly report! Following Kommunitas’ commitment to reduce our max token supply of the KOM token from 40B tokens to 2B tokens, we will start burning the tokens that are vested from our DxLock contract, in order to reduce our max supply. January marks the first DxLock Token Burn, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve burned a jaw-dropping 6,005,181,318 KOM tokens! That’s $37,232,122 worth of tokens, with the current price of KOM at $0.0062! You can find the burn transaction here.

We’ve never introduced any of the vested tokens from our DxLock contract in the past months into circulation, hence we were able to burn all the KOM that had been sitting unclaimed in our DxLock contract! We’ll be reporting our DxLock Token Burn at the end of every month, so stay tuned! You can also read more about our max supply reduction here.

KOM Liquidity Pool

Next up will be our monthly report that covers $KOM’s liquidity pool across all decentralized exchanges.

KOM’s Liquidity across all DEXs

As shown above, the total value of KOM liquidity across all DEXs amounts to $565,631. That’s a slight decrease from the month of December, where there was $614,535 in liquidity. We hope that market conditions will improve so that the value of our liquidity pools will increase.


January has been an amazing month to start the year 2022! Our $KOMmunity has consistently been providing us with great feedback and we’ve been working to address them! One of the notable improvements would be our new Redesigned Launchpad page. Thank you so much for the support and words of encouragement! Since the first day of Lunar New Year just passed, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Lunar New Year and happy holidays to all who celebrate this occasion! Thank you!

About Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. Kommunitas is the solution for Multi-Chain oriented projects. Kommunitas welcomes projects from various blockchains such as Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, etc.

Not limited to only Public Sales, Kommunitas also offers projects a wide array of other funding methods, ranging from Seed rounds to Private rounds and Strategic Rounds. We also offer a list of marketing services that can boost a project’s popularity. Kommunitas is ready to serve a project from community management to graphic design and content creation.

Kommunitas firmly believes that with its connection to dozens of regional crypto communities and influencers, as well as several blockchain companies and Capital Funds / VCs, Kommunitas can help to boost a project exposure within a short period of time.

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Kommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for web3.0 projects. We incubate and help web3.0 projects to grow and expand. https://kommunitas.net

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Kommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for web3.0 projects. We incubate and help web3.0 projects to grow and expand. https://kommunitas.net