• Single asset liquidity provisioning
    You can avoid worrying about involuntary token exposure. InstaDex reduces liquidity provider liability by allowing liquidity providers to contribute and maintain 100% exposure in single token. You also get to earn from fees paid in the token staked as well as liquidity mining rewards when they’re active.
  • Impermanent loss protection
    InstaDex is designed so that LPs can always get back the same value originally deposited plus trading fees and rewards through Impermanent loss insurance. Impermanent loss insurance increases by 1% everyday as long as the stake remains live and matures fully to full coverage after 100 days. As long as no withdrawal was made during the 100days, the protocol will cover fully for IL. If withdrawal is made before the 100days is reached, the protocol will only cover partially for IL. For withdrawals made within the first 30days, the protocol will not cover whatsoever for IL.

What I think about InstaDex in the Tezos ecosystem



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