Be Productive


God wants us to prosper in all things. He wants you to succeed in all the areas of your life. A new day is an opportunity to take stock and see how far you have gone with respect to where you are supposed to be. (Prov 14:23) says for every labour there is profit. For you to profit in every area of your life, there must be productivity. Productivity brings results. To prosper this year, you need to be productive.

You must till your land this year (Prov 12:11). You must work according to knowledge to fulfill God’s purpose for your life this year.

Areas we need to be Productive

1. Spiritually: Obedience is the key to be productive spiritually (Job 36:11). Be a soul winner this year. Draw people to God this year. Stand on the promises of God this year. (Is 62: 6–7). Energize and stretch your faith this year (Heb 11:6). Let God see your faith this year (Mk 2:4–5).

2. Mentally: You cannot rise above the level of your knowledge. Seek new knowledge this year. The knowledge of last year alone may not see you through this year. Don’t just read, study. It’s your study that gives birth to your approval from God (2 Tim 2:15). Use that knowledge (James 1:19–25). Be an idea hunter this year and start seeing problems as opportunities.

3. Financially: Do Business this year (Luke 19:13). Note that it’s difficult to succeed with only one source of income. Bible recommended up to eight ventures (Ecc 11:1–2 NIV). You can start small (Job 8:7). The Proverbs 31 woman is a typical example; she was involved in five businesses namely Fashion/fabric making, Food trading, Real Estate, Farming, Trading (Prov 31:13–18, 24). For every income you earn, there is a seed. Sow those seeds and they will yield. Look inwards, God has deposited a lot in you (2 Pet 1:2–4).


God has destined you to prosper. The power and ability has been given to you. You need to start playing your part as God plays his own part.


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