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Hello, fellow token holder! First of all, thank you for acquiring this amount of KUSD tokens that you have, either through Coinbase deposit or via contributing to our marketing campaign. We respect all early adopters.

Secondly, it’s very important to understand that the token is stable, which means it is tied to some real value, and in our case that is US dollars. So, there is no point of holding big amounts of tokens, they are designed to be quickly minted and quickly spent.

This will guide you through spending process.

Spending Method 1: Partner e-Shops

Unfortunately, there is no partnerships with e-commerce systems at…

Bounty pool of $500 will be distributed to the winners in March 2020!

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Greetings, early Klaytn adopters and bounty challengers! A few weeks ago we’ve launched a big project on the Klaytn network — Kompose Trade. It’s a decentralized KCT-20 and KCT-721 token exchange, built upon 0x Framework opensourced technology.

Yes, the entire tech stack of 0x has been ported and deployed on Klaytn, including, but not limited:

No custody of tokens required, this exchange allows you to trade from the wallet directly. It’s currently integrated with one of the Klaytn’s production-grade wallets — Jetstream for Chrome.

We might be a bit late with the news, that world’s largest blockchain application competition Klaytn Horizon winners have been announced in December 2019. But we were in Tier-1 group and are nominated now to receive $100K in KLAY tokens in Q1 2020, so there’s our story.

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What is Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain platform, developed by Ground X, a subsidiary of South Korean internet giant Kakao. Governed by a council of 26 large enterprises, including LG and Binance, Klaytn’s goal is the mass adoption
of blockchain. …

Kompose Dev

Developer and publisher @ Kompose

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