Komprenio intends to reflect the constantly changing reality of current affairs. It will take a while, but the goal is to include “all” of the topics that matter. We started with US politics. We’ve added coverage of the upcoming French elections, as they seem sure to be worth thinking about. There is also a sliver of the always engaging game of British politics.

Now for a slightly different perspective. We call it “Leaders that matter”. We have introduced about ten world leaders to the Komprenio Exchange. Some because their importance is obvious, such as the leaders of China, India and…

This summer British politics was an intense spectacle. Since then, the spotlight has moved on. But Komprenio is not part of the the follow-the-circus crew. Our intention is to allow you to follow topics that may not be worthy of headlines today, but will be tomorrow.

Komprenio is still in early days and we have deliberately limited our scope for now. But today we add a few British politicians. The Brexit topic may have lost its power to shock, but we think it has much to give yet. But what will it “give”? Is it bad news for Britain? Good…

We are building Komprenio to be your playful companion in your reading of serious news. “Playful” as in just for your own intellectual entertainment. You don´t risk anything when you commit, or invest, on Komprenio. You don’t have to be certain that you know exactly how everything works. And you cetainly don’t need to know where things are headed. You don’t.

Today is a good example. We have now introduced four new dividis onto the Komprenio Exchange. They are of a different kind than the previous ones. No more just real-life people. Instead, these four dividis are economic indicators much…

Until now, Komprenio includes only dividis representing individuals, all of them politicians. But our intention is not to make Komprenio just a who-gets-what-job game, fun as that may be now with the Trump Administration gearing up.

We will start introducing different kinds of dividis, representing various kinds of topics in current affairs. The first group will reflect some of the more classic long-term topics in economics. A lot less headline-friendly than some politicians, but still fairly important.

Later on, we expect to add many dividis and will have some representing minute little topics debated only by a few experts. The…

The first round of the French Presidential election will take place on April 23 2017. The second and final round, if one is needed, is on May 7. It happens less than six months from today. Last Sunday the French Republican had their first primary. The second round is on Sunday. The field is now fairly well defined.

Commentators are calling this a fateful election for Europe. Will the political forces that gave us Brexit and the Trump Administration also bring us a France led by Marine Le Pen?

Dramatic or not, this campaign will be tracked on the Komprenio…

The high-stakes game of musical chairs ahead of the Trump Administration is a great illustration of Komprenio features.

We just learnt that Reince Priebus will be the Chief-of-Staff. That means that the Priebus dividi will earn a nice yield as of January 20th. If we assume that he can hold on to the job for four years, the dividi is worth a solid 430 specios now. This is because there is a pre-defined generator called “White House Chief-of-Staff”.

Steve Bannon also got a plum job. He will be the chief strategist for the President. But there is no Generator for…


Komprenio is your Thinking-About-the-News Companion. A playful competition for seriously curious news thinkers. Visit komprenio.com to take part.

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