Leaders that matter

Dec 30, 2016 · 2 min read

Komprenio intends to reflect the constantly changing reality of current affairs. It will take a while, but the goal is to include “all” of the topics that matter. We started with US politics. We’ve added coverage of the upcoming French elections, as they seem sure to be worth thinking about. There is also a sliver of the always engaging game of British politics.

Now for a slightly different perspective. We call it “Leaders that matter”. We have introduced about ten world leaders to the Komprenio Exchange. Some because their importance is obvious, such as the leaders of China, India and Japan. Others because they are important right now, their hands on pivotal levers of world power. The list includes Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Nicolas Maduro, Bashar Assad and Recep Erdogan.

They are all introduced as dividis priced at 100 (except for world leaders such as mr. Trump, mrs. May and mr. Hollande, as they were already on the market). This pricing reflects an assumption that they will stay in their current position of power for another two years.

But what is your take on that? Which of these leaders do you find undervalued right now? Do you find anyone wildly over-priced on the list? This is the challenge of Komprenio — find the issues where your take differs and commit to your view. When you get it right, your portfolio soars.

Any objections to the term “leader”? Do you think some of the individuals on the list deserve a less positive label? Not on this list. There are no moral or even political values attached to these people on the Komprenio Exchange. They are either in power or not.

Originally published on KOMPRENIO BLOG

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