Is Islam Inherently Violent?
Hunter Stuart

All monotheism religions are “fundamentally and inherently” violent because they require a “religious conversion” and not because what their holy books say. For example, various Greek cities fought each other in ancient time but this didn’t cause any city to permanently try to ban worship of the patron god of opposing city. Why? Because Greeks feared that if they offend a patron god of another city, their patron god may also dislike the treatment and decide not to help them in the time of need. So, Greeks usually held back at some point and allowed the opposing side to continue worship of their patron god.

Worshippers of a monotheism religon can’t act this way. They belive that if they don’t destroy the “false god” and its worshippers, their God will punish them for not doing enough to spread his worship. So, they need to be as violent as possible to destroy shrines/temples and force a religious conversion. This behavior can’t be changed because it will require giving up spreading the worship of God. Christianty has reduced this violent effort but is now using media as well as “social works” to continue its conversion effort.

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