Has the Internet Gotten Meaner or Have I Just Gotten Older?

I still have my CompuServe CD that they sent me as it was faster than downloading.

Not really any meaner.

Back then (which is quite old), service providers just took a stronger no-tolerance approach and blocked people with the smallest complaint. The idea of online free-speech didn’t exist. You got blocked for failing to check FAQ and asking a “stupid” question. Send one message without a proper addressing and “please” was enough to get banned. This was somewhat necessary due to very slow modem speed, but it was also clear that some people enjoyed attacking and provoking “newbies” for a smallest issue and getting them blocked. And many of these etiquette-nazi had a well-paying job and owned an expensive PC. Oh, they naturally enjoyed attacking women more believing that “women can’t handle technology”.

Compared to that time, today isn’t any different. I know it doesn’t feel like it. But the person that was sending a message to demand to spellcheck before posting for writing “it’s” instead of “its” is now sending a message for not wearing a better clothing. Trolling always existed. It had been done differently. Time had just passed.

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