Rudra Shirodkar

Your article STARTS WRONG. It's like writing that “David shot Goliath with an arrow and killed him”. At least, you could check wikipedia.

A male-female pair of gods churned the ocean of with a spear (Amenonuhoko) and managed to create a single island (Onogorosima). They then descended on this island to give birth to gods and eight islands (note that this ‘eight’ also means ‘many’ to ancient Japanese) to create Japan.

One interesting observation of this is that some says this represents how gelatin was made from animal body parts. You use a spear like cooking tool to churn the pot and once gelatin is separated, this spear-tool is used to scoop out gelatin before it cools too much and sticks to the side of earthenware pot. When this gelatin is scraped off on a flat surface, it would continue to cool and solidify.

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