For a vague sense of security we give up adventure of freedom.

We all are the byproducts of a religious engineering which tends to limit our very possibilities by bathing us in holy waters of altered perceptions, narrowing our thinking which takes a lot of effort to be undone. The greatest psychological hacks are the secrets guarded in the grandiose libraries compiled over thousands of years of exploitation of many at the hands of few.

Freedom lost its expression in democracy as well so much for the constitution and the rights it bestows on us .The education system is rigged to turn us into androids and curtailing our expressionist outreach, by forming something known as an ethical society.

Art has always been a medium to find that escape or Freedom we had been looking for or that we are lagging. So it had been for great philosopher's like Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Voltaire.

Imagination is the confluence of 'I' and universe. A sneak peek into the boundless possibilities that has eluded us as we move like a hamster on the wheel doing jobs we don’t love, having a lifestyle we used to hate. Imitating people in a quest to become unique. Planning our life for next ten years when we don’t have an idea what is going to happen the next second. STOP. I guess it’s time we let loose our self and explore the conglomeration that we are or we used to be, ditch societal standards and become who you want to be, so that the next time you look into the mirror you don’t steal looks from yourself. Realize we are all born unique, every one of us bears a different DNA structure. Express the multitude you are and experience Freedom in true sense. The air will turn sweeter and foot steps will feel light as soul will be elated after putting down the burden of self induced grudges.

You are the shackles, and you are the key. THINK ABOUT IT.