Who are we? Where do we live? Why do we survive?

From what I have learnt, Nothing is 'certain' within this world, we are an ever changing epiphany of evolution. 
We are the broken faces of yesterday, collecting our pieces today in the name of a better tomorrow but where are we to reach is uncertain!. 
*We are living in an illusion of ourselves.*

The past. The present. The future.
These are three different people with illusive perceptions and ideologies.

We are taught to control ourselves to reach optimistic and 'certain' endings but we are just 'taught' to control ourselves not ways how to reach certain unrisky endings, which in reality, is the essence of uncertainty. We ourselves are the uncertain ones, clamping on false hopes and deeds. To rope in our desires we take the spiritual road.
Surprisingly​, this is ambiguity of the contract of meditation, you find nothing In the end. We meditate to find the truth and truth is different for each person. What is truth then? Is truth true? Once you get what you want, becomes truth to you. With this all, desires are prohibited in the quest to find oneself and the biggest truth each one of us credit to becomes ‘knowing ourselves’!. Paradoxical isn’t it?, for to know oneself is also a desire.
There is no end in desire and an end in nothingness, everything amidst is an ambiguity mystified for intentions unknown." Shunting between what we are and what we 'really' are, we also fling between who are we and what we want to be! .
The states of transition from 'what we want to be' to 'what we are' to 'what we really are’, is just the change of matter in three different states gaseous, liquid and solid.
Far fetched ideas represent gaseous state, Liquid state determines the character we have to play to keep up with the surroundings and solid is the inner metal we posses. There is no end to any such thing​. End is itself an end to every damn thing! And our whole life revolves between solid, liquid, gas to past, present, future to yesterday, today, tomorrow! Everything is related to these only. Life, stay, death are three phases emerged from above mentioned states!

This difference between the certainty that characterized the thinking of humankind and contrasting it with the startling fall of certainty paves way to law of uncertainty that lingers only when we feel things are in our control. Indeed, the analogy is not lost on searching for the answer and this becomes the beauty of never 'ending' words, and persisting ideas which are in itself 'endless'. Yet they are feasted on by time *Unceremoniously*
This randomness will persist till life exists on this planet.