A simple and concise way to add properties to an object conditionally.

It is very common in our day-to-day life as a developer to work with Objects in JavaScript. The common operations we do on objects include adding, deleting, and conditionally adding properties.

Well, there isn’t any right or wrong way to do these operations. But, in this article, I would like…

An introduction about location strategies in Angular applications with examples

Before understanding the location strategies in Angular, let’s get familiar with routing in Angular. So let’s take a quick look at the routing in Angular.

Angular Routing

Routing is a mechanism used by Angular to manage “routes” and the “paths” in Angular applications. This helps in navigating between different views. Single Page…

Finding out what are all the Angular life-cycle methods that get called in an Angular service.

Life-cycle hooks in general gives us a way to run our code at a specific point of time during it’s life-cycle.

When it comes to Angular components, these life-cycle hooks are very helpful for developing complex components, directives efficiently. But, have you ever-thought what are all the life cycle methods…

Organizing end points in an any application makes it easy to maintain them in long run

Most front end applications make API calls to perform CRUD operations and the number of those endpoints often grow as we build the application. So, how to manage those endpoints in a better way? Here is one of such ways.

Let’s start with a simple example. In this case, I…

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