Dubai: The Perfect Place For Growing Diamond Industries

Diamonds are the most popular among precious gems and rightfully so. A Diamond is not only the strongest naturally occurring substance but also possess an unparalleled radiance that is ever sought after throughout the world. Its rarity also adds to its charm and throughout the history diamonds have been used in many ways. From making dazzling jewellery pieces to cutting stones, diamonds have a wide range of applications.
Due to the immense popularity of diamonds, the diamond industry is a growing sector. As long as there is a demand for stunning diamonds, there would be a demand for diamond factories. While the growth of the diamond industry is quite impressive in certain affluent areas, even in less affluent areas, the diamond industry has been able to ensure a constant growth rate. It goes to show that the future of the diamond industry is pretty secure with many opportunities for growth and development.
Dubai is the third largest diamond trading centre in the world. As a result, there is room for a lot of growth in the diamond industries here. The untapped potential of these industries has been unlocked due to the ever-increasing demand for diamonds in the global market. Dubai does its part by providing these growing industries with a thriving trading platform. In short, Dubai is the perfect place for a diamond industry to flourish.
Nemesis International, a diamond trading company based in Dubai took note of this growth and decided that it was the perfect place for their new factory, Almas Diamond Services. Nemesis International is mostly a trading company that often works alongside jewellers and offers advice and marketing services. It does not deal with evaluation, polishing, and craftsmanship of diamonds. In order to make up for this, it teamed up with Angolan national diamond trading company Sodiam and the result was the Almas factory.
Now Dubai can be the one-stop-shop for trade and polish of rough diamonds. According to Konema Mwenenge, the CEO of Nemesis International, this new venture would certainly help Dubai in making a place for itself in the international diamond market and boost its economy. While it is still a new factory, Almas is equipped with high-tech equipment and skilled workers, hence there might be great things in the company’s future.