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My life’s been quite a time machine which has gone from SLOW to MEDIUM to VERY FAST.

From 1968 to 1978, I was with my family around Chicago (I was born in this city in 1968).

Then, from 1978 - 1979, I had lived with my mother and sister to Vermillion, South Dakota (where I had a grandmother). We lived in a house NOT far from where the grandmother lived.

Around 1979, we moved from Vermillion, SD, to New Richmond, OH. We had lived for a short time with an aunt and uncle I had living here. As we lived in our car for a SHORT period of time in 1979, we all went back up in Chicago to see our father, who had just been diagnosed with a stroke.

At first, we had lived in Prospect Heights, IL (and my mother had gotten acquainted with a good friend). Not long after, we moved to Hammond, Indiana (living here until 1982). My sister and I went to a middle school NOT far from where we lived.

Around 1982, we all moved to Houston, Texas, and had lived here (in Houston and Tomball) until I moved with my sister in 1998.

About a year later, I had a job with the library over here. Around November 2000, I started working for The Salvation Army, a thrift store I had worked for nearly 8 years. I had ALSO worked for a Circle K convenience store, and a Wal-Mart store in between.

Around March of 2008, I’d moved again from Mesa, Arizona, to Marion, Illinois. I’ve been living here for 8 years about now. I’ve had some GOOD times and some BAD times.

HOPEFULLY, I’ll find a WOMAN in which we can chat with regularly over the Internet. As things get BETTER for us, I hope we’ll find a chance to MARRY each other. Also, I hope to find a NEW place to live so we can have a GREAT time for the REST of our LIVES.

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