How can a freelancer make money by becoming a Brand Ambassador with Konfinity?

The difference between Campus Ambassador and the Brand Ambassador is that the Campus Ambassador manages only their respective campus while the Brand Ambassador manages multiple campuses so basically the Brand Ambassador is senior and important position as compared to the Campus Ambassador.

How to identify Konfinity Brand ambassador

Well, they are the people who are typically active corporate trainers, marketing freelancers, social media influencers, educational influencers and the teachers who frequently travel to colleges. In addition, they are champions of their community and people inspire them.

If you feel you have the qualities to be a Konfinity Brand Ambassador, we invite you to join the circle and be a part of the community. We assure you of hefty monthly stipends, awesome perks and take home rewards, a super confident you, a shining resume with recommendations & certificate and a place in Konfinity family. Here are the details, in case you have already made up your mind to be a part of us.

Roles and Responsibilities of Konfinity Brand Ambassador

· Be the official Brand Ambassador and branding representative of Konfinity in multiple colleges in different cities.

· Publicize by displaying posters on colleges notice boards, sharing e-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

· Promote our Hackathon drives in multiple colleges and get students to sign up.

· Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports

· Organize meet-ups in multiple college campuses with Mentors & Alumni.

· Represent us in the placement cells of multiple colleges

· Any other marketing initiative will be rewarded as well

· Come up with innovative ideas on how Konfinity can assist multiple colleges and associate us with any technical fest or sessions that the college conducts

· Associate Konfinity with various college societies and fest department

Procedure to become a brand ambassador of Konfinity

· Mail us your CV along with the cover letter to

· Application based shortlisting

· Interviews (F2F/ Skype/ Telephonic) for the shortlisted candidates will be conducted

· Welcome to the community

What You Earn & Learn

Konfinity Brand ambassador will get monthly stipends (up to 50,000/- per month) for their hard work which he/she will do for our community.

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