How does the Konfinity campus ambassador program work?

Konfinity floats campus ambassador internships and promotes it in various colleges.

Students submit their applications and their statement of purpose. After this, the students are shortlisted and are invited at Konfinity office for interviews. Then the top engaging students are shortlisted and are invited to become the campus ambassadors.

The job of the campus ambassador is not only to promote our initiatives, events, social media, and WhatsApp pages but also to organize the hackathons and act as a single point contact in the campus for the students.

So these campus ambassadors apart from getting Konfinity goodies, merchandise, and certificates they also get Konfinity scholarships and the top-performing students are also provided with Letter of recommendation.

The campus ambassadors are the backbone of Konfinity community-building process.

Konfinity organizes get-togethers and meets up sessions where all the campus ambassadors interact and share their ideas with each other. These meetups are an excellent opportunity for the ambassadors to interact and network with like-minded tech enthusiasts.

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