How is Konfinity different from a coding boot camp?

A coding boot camp is a technical training program that enables students with little coding proficiency to focus on important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding skills. Students are attracted towards attending these boot camps because they want certifications on their profile to showcase industrial validation which, in further, may help them in getting shortlisted for interviews.

Contrary to popular belief, Boot camps are often conducted for a few days and are good to get superficial knowhow but from an employer’s perspective, they don’t really add much value to your profile.

In boot camp, you do not have the opportunity to actually set your hands-on Full Stack projects and develop your own portfolio.

Bootcamp is a good way to start to develop an interest in a new skill but it’s not sufficient in itself, you need a longer exposure for solving problems, creating projects, working in a team that is not possible in a short time span.

But if you want to secure a tech job in a giant tech group you need to practice on projects either in a team or individually more than a boot camp.

Konfinity is an online platform where you work on projects remotely on next-generation technologies such as MERN stack which lets you develop your portfolio for 90% of the internet companies in the world. Through Konfinity you have already gathered enough experience and sophistication required to crack senior-level tech placement interviews.

In Konfinity, you don’t have to attend lectures you just have to practice on projects which have been curated by the management of Konfinity hailing from prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi, Microsoft and 50+ Fortune 500 tech companies.

And this you get by signing an Income Share Agreement with Konfinity wherein you do not pay anything upfront. You only pay if you get a job that pays more than 10LPA. The way it works is that you sign an Income Share Agreement with us which specifically states that students pay a small portion of their income which they earn after getting placed through Konfinity.

Hence, in a nutshell, a boot camp is an introductory session around a new technology while Konfinity is an end to end solution for students from learning to employment with no upfront cost.

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