How Konfinity’s Workspace is better than any other Video Lectures?


150 million jobs every year are generated in programming world yet majority of people are unemployed. The ratio of unemployment in India is higher because the 90% employers are looking for the graduates who have experience and portfolio.

The reason of unemployment is in the learning process of the students. Students in Indian education system are trained to learn everything by lectures and hence they fall into the rote loop. This is mostly the reason why they are not deemed fit to work in the age of automation in 21st century.

The Basic problem is that there is no two-way interaction between the educator and the learner. It makes it difficult for the students to clarify their problems when they are in need and cripples the students of reasoning and critical thinking. The students are not practically applying the knowledge which results in the low retention of concepts.

Nowadays the use of video lectures to educate the students has become a trend which does not actually solve the problems but adds a scale to it. No video lectures can make you drive a car unless you learn by driving the car yourself. Therefore, project-based learning is far more important than just syntax cramming.

Hence konfinity’s workspace is an AI platform where students learn by working on the projects both individually and in teams. The workspace provides one on one personalised assistance to the students while working on the projects when they face any problems and doubts.

Workspace is a self-sufficient platform where students can acquire complete full stack project execution skill. The way it works is that it provides feedback and improvements on student’s unique doubts and queries around project work by using thousands of data points.

The workspace track and measure every student retention and understanding of concepts and personalise the learning curve for faster understanding and efficient learning.

There are individual scoreboards and global leadership boards which give us a benchmark of the competition in the community. The students can work in team to share the workload of complex full stack projects. They can learn and interact with thousands of other developers by peer code reviews and group discussions.

The students who have the highest scores in the leader-board sit in the placements offered by Konfinity’s Partnered companies for the role of software developer. We are proud to have a community of 1000 talented young professionals across India. We are looking forward to transfer many more people in the future.

Konfinity is an AI platform which trains students to become professional software developer at no upfront cost.

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